Trifecta of Movement

The Trifecta of Movement Plan: Week Two
Lately I've been feeling like a slacker when it comes to taking control of my health. The downfall is of course, working out..... "I'm too tired, I'll do it tomorrow, I don't feel well, I don't have the time." and of course if you're anything like me your putting it off till tomorrow, can go one for days, weeks, and even months sometimes. So this week, this is it! I am doing it! Last week I went to yoga twice and left very sore and tired, but now this week, I feel ready to continue on and maybe even add some more to the mix.

My interests are vast when it comes to active things, but the major drawback some of the have to do with location, my work schedule, and a million other things I could be using the time for. So I have a plan; well sorta of, I am going to plan to get back into my routine, of doing something active five to six times a week..... If i had my way at it I would just cycle everyday... but that doesn't always work out and it's too easy to make excuses when the weather isn't good, or I am out of town (which happens a lot). So far my workout schedule for the week looks to be the following:

Monday: Run (two miles, and mind you I haven't gone for a run in like four years... so this was quite and eye opener for me)
Tuesday: Yoga at Yoga Oasis with Darren Rhodes
Wednesday: Run in the morning (two miles again, but faster cause I have to make it to a 7:30 meeting)
Thursday: Cycle (10miles, short and sweet.... cause I am going to attempt to make it to yoga at 8pm)
Friday: Off day... get real, I plan on having drinks a plenty and enjoying getting my weekend off to a good start
Saturday: Cycle (group ride in the morning, 2omiles, then off to an amazing dinner)
Sunday: Run (three-four miles, easy and slow, and try not to die)

Why so much running you ask? Well two reason's one, I hate it, which means I should do it more and perhaps like a great glass of wine, I'll develop a taste for it, and if not I will at least get some cardio in and make my rides a little easier. Also, in a busy work schedule and no riding group, it's a tad bit safer than riding with Tucson drivers on the road (If you live here, you know what I mean) So that's the plan... we will see how it goes... I have no goal weight, no size desires, just would like to tap into my superpowers which are current on sabbatical.


ohmypuddin said...

Hello! Lauren Madrid here. I will just say that I used to hate running, but I love it now. For me, I reached a point where I needed the solitude that running outside, away from everyone else gives you. It's relaxing to me. I'm training for a half-marathon in November and I've recently starting running 10 miles on the weekend, something I never thought I'd be able to do. It is hard, but (cheesy alert) it is rewarding!

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