Sweden's Story Hotel, a hidden gem

Stockholm's Hidden Gem:

This summer had the chance to travel to Stockholm, Sweden! A wonderful place in the summer, warm, full of sunshine and lots of people milling about the city streets. Stockholm has a lot going for it and that comes at one heck of a cost! People all wine about the prices and value in London, Paris, Vienna? I wonder if they've made it to Scandinavia.... if you plan to go be sure to budget a lot of money for your stay. I'd say if you want to go on a budget bring a tent and a jar of peanut butter, otherwise you'll be paying a pretty penny for just about everything.

I have traveled all over the world in my travels very few hotels have really grabbed my attention for it's uniqueness and value.. Story Hotel in Sweden most certainly did all of the above. Set off the main drag on a somewhat quiet side street the entrance is easy to miss and isn't for the faint of heart or the glitz and glamour seekers of a doorman with marble floors (if that's just do your hotel search for you dates and select sort by price high to low and pick the top one, since you will then me convinced it's the best hotel).... instead story hotel has acid stained concrete floors, a skinny entrance with Apple computers on the countertop to check you in... Story is eclectic, thoughtful, crazy, and sometimes reminiscent of scenes from the shining.... the hallway my room was in would probably look like a digitally remastered hallway. It's just the way I like it, crazy innovative, and somewhat creepy in a purely artistic way that is.

After checking in, you can take the crazy old iron grated elevator up to your room, or for the less adventurous group a modern lift has been retrofitted into the building, which actually fits people AND luggage at the same time!! Rooms are rustic, loft, and elegance wrapped into one. My room looked out onto the street, while I sat on my bed I was greeted by impressive wall sized artwork which just added to the overall flavor of the hotel.

Naturally while staying at such an amazing place I planned on visiting the hotel's wonderful restaurant.... However when I went down to check it out I was put off by the fact that there wasn't anyone eating in there? How could that be? Well it turns out, since Stockholm spends part of their year in nearly twilight conditions all day, the summer time is when people come outside, and frankly, they stay outside... sorta like hibernation in reverse, soak up the sun. So given that, the hotel evidently had a secret rooftop bar, which after learning about I simply had to try it out! The roof bar/dining room was amazing.... all the tables and chairs were different, tons of Swed's drinking white wines, and sitting under the sun at 11 o'clock at night... yes the sun. Unlike much of the traditional Northern Europe food, which is at best icky.... Story featured creative dishes that were bright and colorful like the people enjoying them ....

All in all my experience was wonderful there... if you ever have the chance to visit Stockholm and need/want an amazing modestly priced place to stay I highly suggest checking out Story Hotel. The design ideas you will get alone are worth the price of admission.


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