K (like the letter) Vinters Winery

K Vinters; love in a bottle:

I'm having a love affair with with a glass, ok well over the course of the last few weeks visiting my favorite place to frequent new wines, more like a bottle... It's true, it's not a deep rich red I seek to experience, it's a soft understated but wonder Viognier. Viognier is a grape which originated in France and derived it's name from the French city Vienne... or the story I prefer to engage in ... it's name came from via Gehennae, meaning the "road to Hell" and honestly... it's a wonderfully golden brick paved road. Spectacular wonderful, and I love it.. Don't go into it expecting a pow, hit you in the face, instead think tinkerbell and golden dust filled afternoon with misters on your back porch.. I love it. I can't lie... I wonder who else I can convince to go to happy hour with so I can justify another glass. Oh no wonderful.

If you'd like to indulge the list price is about 35 a bottle and so far I've only seen it at AJ's and some very select restaurants. Happy Wine Days Ahead!

2007 K Vintners Viognier

91 points DRINK:2008 - 2010

K Vintners showed one white wine, the 2007 Viognier. It was fermented with

native yeasts (as are all the K Vintner wines) in neutral oak. Light gold-colored, it offers up alluring aromas of mineral, peach,

apricot, and tropical notes. On the palate there is excellent acidity and the minerality of the wine becomes more apparent. Well-balanced and long, this is a wine to drink over the next 1-2 years with Pacific Northwest salmon.


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