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A few years ago my husband and I purchased a "fixer" upper... and the task of turning this mid-seventies architecture has been nothing short of a marathon. As in most home remodels, every project generally equals more projects, and of course the endless spiral of migrating crap which gets shifted from one space to another and then back again or hopefully sent on to the famous Goodwill, which when you've managed to clean a room out and see the mountainous piles of junk you've collected, you begin to believe that they must have goodwill to take this stuff off your hands. My weekend endeavor included a cup of coffee followed by, a trip to Target to by decorating magazines, which of course resulted in my decision to make over my master bath at 1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon.

The idea that inspired it all WallpaperFileCabinet... I saw this post and it got me thinking, I wonder if this would work to fix my monstrosity of a bathroom vanity? Only one way to find out..... Mission Master Bath Remodel begins:

Tear Out:

Ugly ancient towel bars
Stupidly placed toilet roll holder
Big heavy leaded glass shower door
Broken mini blinds
throw away and dispose of particle board over the john blue light special
remove bathroom cabinet doors

Ok, READY! Remodel begins, crap....So funny enough, my husband being the sweet thing that he is moved all above mentioned crap back into the bathroom after we'd begun to tear it out, cause I forgot to take a before picture... Haha.... Ok the before pics.

Now my favorite part of the remodel, well any remodel, hell anything, the Shopping part!

Shopping list:

Medicine Cabinet
Shower Rod
Shower Curtain
Raw Silk Drape
White Plantation blinds
White paint
Mega awesome wallpaper
modge podge (to adhere the wallpaper)
New toilet paper holder, the slide kind, no one likes to screw with the spring holder...and especially not when it's 2am and you need a new roll
Fun decor stuffs for over the toilet

Let the fun begin!!

Ok so the directions for the medicine cabinet are simple.... sand and primer the wood and then paint to the color of choice in this case I had to do one coat of primer and two coats of paint to get a solid smooth finish. The inset of the cabinet doors are the most difficult part and even that was a cinch with a template.... You can use any paper you might have but in this case I used wallpaper. Create a template for the opening and cut wallpaper to size. Remove the paper and then paint a thin well covered layer of mod podge (found at most craft stores, avoid a long conversation at Lowes with someone who has no Idea what the stuff is and take my word that they do not carry it there) on the the surface. Place the wall paper and smooth out the bubbles, wait 15minutes to dry completely and then paint another thin smooth layer over the top of the paper and wait to dry. When the doors are completely dry you can reattach them and stand back in wonder at your amazing creation!

Behold the wonder of the finished project!

Wow, I know. I thought that too. See with some hard work and elbow grease you can get a lot accomplished in a weekend! I welcome any and all feedback and hope you enjoy the ideas as much as we have!


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