Shopping Binge for Drugs

Congratulations to me, I am one of the lucky ONE BILLION colds that occur in the us every year! Oh Joy! I haven't been riding, running, yoga'ing, nothing. Laying around, trying to sleep between the coughs, that's the name of the game. Fluids people scream, Listerine I scream! Thank you whatever little diseased dirty, coughing phalanges did this to me.... For now, I will remember the times for the last two years I have managed to escape the common cold mess and laugh at the poor suckers who were sick and now, now the laugh is on me. Big time.

Shopping for the common cold list:

  1. A lot of tissue
  2. Nyquil
  3. Halls
  4. Vitamin Water
  5. Mucinex
  6. More NyQuil
  7. Dark Chocolate (it's supposed to help coughing right?)
  8. Flonase
  9. Beg the Doctor for the Zpack they should have given you to begin with
  10. lots of magazines, chick flicks, and soup.

Happy Shopping..... Relief must be out there somewhere...


Stacy Stevens said...

Yeah I do the same thing, I hate being sick, so I go to the store and stock up on all kinds of medicine and juices. Then I go to sleep for a loooooong time and 8 times out of 10 I'm better.

Just a thought

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