Chili'ish Lamb Chili, for Chilly Sunday Nights

So people now ask me what's for dutch oven Sunday... I considered taking a break from dutch oven Sunday today and not one, not two, but THREE people gasp'd and said what? I know the audacity to take a week off. My husband though, he was really looking forward to dutch oven Sunday... So I caved, and on the saga goes.

I can't believe the year is almost over, it's insane to me, but I work in education and as of this coming Friday I am off until the new year! Thank goodness too, it's been a long and exhausting year.. but full of joyful, happiness, and wonder.

I couldn't bring myself to follow a recipe again this week, so decided on a genre. Chili, it's been cold, well cold for us Arizionians, we bust out the winter sweaters because the date indicates it should be cold, and we wear them with pride, even if we're sweating a greenhouse under them. We demand boot weather dammit! Chili is one of those essential cold winter Sunday dinners, no matter how crappy it will be to go back to work the next day, chili is always going to make you forget about that.

Chili'ish Lamb Chili

3/4 pound of cut up lamb
two cans of stewed tomatoes
1 can of fire roasted tomatoes with garlic
one shallot, chopped
1 package of mushrooms
three roasted anahiem chili's chopped
1/2 cup of white wine
3/4 cup of chicken broth
red pepper, mine it's gonna be hot, the lid fell off when I was adding it off set that with sourcream

Brown onion, lamb and add everything else.... cook on med low for 2+ hours, till your can't wait anymore.... the longer the better.

It was yummy as hell, and I almost didn't get to enjoy it cause Jon spent the whole dinner, talking about how wonderful it was.... "This is the best chili I've ever had!" Thanks DOLL.

You're welcome Jon, I love you too.


Jonathan said...

Seriously, for the nay-sayers out there -- this is absurdly, hilariously delicious. I sprinkled some cheese and corn chips on top for a little extra savory flavor, and man, let me tell you: the flavors explode in your mouth. The spiced tomato flavor, the texture of the beans, and the incredible savory tender lamb all add up to a violent blast of flavor.

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