Damn You Cookbooks!

Ever have those home projects...., you know, the ones where you think oh this is going to be easy. Couple hours tops, then you go out with "the plan" and you collect the items you think you need. You get home, tear everything apart, and begin. "This is going to be GREAT!" you say... then and hour into the project you realize, ah hmmm, hadn't thought about that one. Then, shit, didn't think about that either. Soon, it's late, and you realize maybe it wasn't such a good idea to begin a project on Sunday afternoon and you should have just had wine o'clock all day instead.

This, this was my afternoon today... it's really all the cookbooks' fault. I only needed a place for them, which meant moving a basket, which meant moving what was in the basket to a new location, which then gave me the idea to move my dutch oven to a new shelf.... near the cookbooks. and well the outcome? My spice - sauce - oil - random baking crap cabinet being reworked..... now, the cabinet is empty, and everything in it is on the counter (which is A LOT of stuff). Turns out, specialty build outs, not so easy, and well, trying to modge-podge wallpaper to melamine is not as easy as you might think. Not at all.

It's late, and we're hungry, the plans to make dinner, they are gone now, we're getting take out.... but the bright side, my cookbooks look really happy on their shelf. I guess I'll be Julia Child tomorrow.


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