National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day

 I run. Nothing special to many, but if you're a distance runner you know the dedication, time, and patience it takes to run half and full marathons. About a little over a year ago I started running to move again after a surgery which limited my ability to cycle for a few months. When I started running I could barely run two miles, in fact, I am pretty sure my first time out I barely made it a mile. I certainly fell into the category of people who ask Why? or simply respond with a scowl when you say "I run".

My mile turned into two, and then three, four, and soon I set for track to run EIGHT miles! It seemed like an impossible task, but I got in the car drove to the track and said to myself, come hell or high water, I AM going to run eight miles today. That day, that moment, was a turning point for me, I knew if I could do that, I could run a half marathon and I did, I've run four!

It's not about the distance or about winning, for me, it's about the time, the accomplishment, the relationship between myself and my body.... it's about doing things even when you don't feel like it, you don't want to, or the weather isn't conducive too... but you buck up, and you go anyways, because you know you can't just show up and run marathons... the beauty is in the preparation.

Running takes time, a lot of it. Jon, my husband has been amazing through the last year of developing this new passion of mine, he's ridden his bike and carried water for me, cheered for me at all my races, picked up dinner when I was too tired to cook, waited for me to finish long runs on the weekends, listened to me whine when my feet hurt, the weather sucked, or declaring that I needed new shoes. He's been a saint about it... and he's helped be the push when I needed a shove, and the reigns when I needed to take a breath. What an amazing person he's been to me, and I am endlessly grateful for him. So today, on Unofficial National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day.... I say this, "Jonathan, You are wonderful, and thank you for all the love and support you've given me over the past year while I've been running... I know while I'll never win, you cheer for me all the same. Three Cheers to You for being the awesome'st.!!"

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 National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day


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