Heavy Whipping Cream, a necessary Evil

Last blog I wrote about the wonderful chicken dish.... thought I'd fill in a good use of the leftovers today..... After cooking the chicken on Sunday night.. I deboned it and put it in a pot and let it simmer till I was ready to go to bed.. so in simple terms, I let the sauce reduce... pulled it out and threw it in the blender (You should of course check to make sure the top is fully on, otherwise you get a bath of chicken broth right before bed, gross) I transferred the blended mixture to the fridge and decided to bust it out tonight to try my hand at a cream sauce.

First things first, I am by NO means a Saucier... not at all. I am somewhat of a control freak about the calorie intake and to make a good sauce you generally have to be ready to watch the fat and calories flow into the pan and watch them create a thin film to the pan... which, I'm sorry, but it makes me think of what it might do to your insides as well.... so generally with that being said, I have sauces (the really fatty ones) when I am out to eat... then I claim full denial and just enjoy it.

Anyways, tonight's cream sauce.... I picked up some heavy whipping cream.... heated up the blended mix with some added dry white wine..and brought it to a boil and then slowly added about 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour, mixed like crazy with the small whisk.. and slowly added cream till it looks about right.. I am guessing 1/4 - 1/3 of cup. .... let it simmer for a while till the sauce thickens.. and then pour over left over chicken and pasta.

The result.... really simple clean, quick dinner... made nearly completely from leftovers.... which to me is like having a free meal, almost and for the green in us, we feel less wasteful and such.

The verdict.... heavy cream, buy it, use it infrequently, and Never ever look at the nutritional content. Ever.


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