Dutch Oven Splurge

New Dutch Oven! I broke down and brought the most expensive pot I have ever purchased... a Batali 4quart white enamel'd Dutch oven goodness from Crate and Barrel... after a wonderful dinner with our friends Sam and Kate this weekend .. in which she made the most amazing Lamb stew I just couldn't resist anymore.. I simply had to have one, and now since I've had the taste for one, I am thinking the grill pan with press looks pretty amazing as well.

What did I make you ask? Oh just something that goes perfectly with Saint Vernon French white wine from Macon Valley, Chicken Stew in White wine. Ok, so the name it lacks the grandeur of the wonder that was dinner melting in our mouths tonight.... and since I didn't get home till nearly 4 from purchasing the dutch oven... the five hour cook time, didn't seem like it was going to work.... what to do??? Veal!

Jon says "EXTRA points for baby animals!"

Woo hoo! Score, thanks little baby cow, I appreciate your tender goodness and the fact that you don't have to cook for five hours to be pierced and split apart with my fork.

So the difference in the recipe below substituted chicken for veal... the other not so white meat, which cooks pretty white and instead of coating the veal in flour before adding it to be browned.... I added 2 tablespoons of flour to the wine/oil mixture in the skillet to make a rue ( see this blog for more info if you have no idea what the hell a rue is) whisked and then added it to the dutch oven madness and left it to cook for about two and half hours..... what'd we end up with??

Yummmmm..... Enjoy, Bon Appetit!


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